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Environmental Responsibility
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First-class environmental credentials are no longer seen as an added bonus, they are very much a deciding factor when it comes to which products to be used in each job.

We can confidently offer our customers products that meet, and often exceed, the environmental requirements of today’s construction industry without compromising on the quality and performance that is synonymous with Excelo Ltd standards.

Our company is a pride member of Green Dot Cyprus since 2004 and our mission is to keep the environment clean and pure for everyone.

To accomplish this mission:

  1. We have trained our employees to be reasponsible and clean in every job.
  2. We are dealing with brands like Polyflor who Achieved BRE A+ certification for all their products.
  3. We are recycling all of our waste such as pvc floors, metal parts, steel bins, plastic bags and paper.
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